Bullards Distillery were at the Royal Norfolk Show today offering tastings of two delicious gins.  Their Norwich Gin won best London Dry Gin in the UK award earlier this year.  Not bad for a small distillery tucked away at The Ten Bells in St Benedict Street, Norwich, where small handcrafted batches are made and bottled. The first distillery in Norwich for 500 years, their latest product is Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin.

Bullards is the only distillery in the UK to use tonka beans from South America in its London Dry Gin recipe.  It gives the gin a very distinctive taste. An ingredient sometimes used by chefs in desserts or even on seared scallops the tonka bean has complex vanilla, coconut, sour cherry, clove and liquorice flavours. Triple distilled, there are 9 other botanicals in this gin and subtle notes of cardamom and coriander.  The other dominant notes are of full, bursting citrus fruits. The gin is very slightly cloudy due to the use of the fruits.  Advised at the stand to serve with lots of ice and with tonic water and a slice of orange.


The lovely pink Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin is quite different.  Strawberries are added to the distillation process and infused within the gin.  Black pepper gives it a spicy kick and balances the fruitiness.  Advised at the stand to serve with lots of ice, slices of strawberry, tonic water of choice and a garnish of mint. A lovely Summer drink!

Bullards distillery also run tastings, events and tours. https://www.bullardsspirits.co.uk


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