That End of Term Feeling

I could hardly believe it when I finally finished the Institute of Heraldry and Genealogical Studies Higher Certificate a few months ago.  A fantastic correspondence course that really pushed me to learn more about records, heraldry and writing assignments.  Discovering new libraries and archives has been the best part, working with ancient documents and oversized maps.   Yes, lockdown played it’s part too as I hid myself away to study the lectures and write the assignments and a mere four years from starting the course, I submitted my final papers. Much had been thrown in my path as I worked towards that final module with a real personal and emotional rollercoaster of a year, but it’s done and I’m still standing….or sitting the exam.

It could have been a lonely experience but Zoom tutorials and having a tutor on email to answer questions kept me from feeling I was the only person studying the course.

So now there’s just two days left before I head to Canterbury to sit the exam.  I can’t even remember the last time I actually sat an examination, it could well have been at college in the 1980’s, but I’ve sharpened my pencils, cleaned my magnifying glass and memorised the marks of cadency.  Ready for a day of papers at the Institute.  Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “That End of Term Feeling

  1. A fantastic achievement and what focus! I wish you every success with your exam . With all the work you have put in you will breeze it!

    What’s next ?! Xxx


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