O’ndina, The Spirit of the Italian Riviera

This gin was Mr Ginandginealogy’s choice.  He picked it randomly for his lunchtime apertif  at The Narrow, the riverside restaurant beside the Thames on Narrow Street, Limehouse in East London.  Genealogy also plays a part at this point.  Mr Ginandgenealogy’s family once had a Marine Engineering business just a stone’s throw from the restaurant.  I have the indentures for the building dating back to 1836 on large pieces crisp white paper, beautifully handwritten and handsome.  They would look lovely in large frames, but I really should deposit them with the appropriate archive office.

Back to the gin.  It is an Italian gin from the makers of Campari and described as the “Spirit of the Italian Riviera”, inspired by “the effortless glamour and carefree spirit of the Italian Riviera in the 1960s”.  I can’t comment on this as I have never been to the Riviera  and in the 1960s the only alcohol that passed my lips was contained in the gripe water my mother gave me to relieve colic.

The gin is packed with Mediterranean herb flavours, pine and juniper being the prominent flavours with fennel, basil and liquorice providing back up.  Mr Ginandgenealogy was impressed and sent for a bottle from Distillers Direct Ltd which arrived promptly and well packaged and we have been drinking it with Fever Tree Light Tonic water. It could go well with Mediterranean Tonic too I would think.

In these Covid days of limited travel I think I will give Italy a miss this year and stick to drinking O’ndina with tonic, lots of ice and some lemon, maybe garnished with a leaf of basil.  Livin’ la dolce vita in Buckinghamshire instead.

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