What colour is your gin?

Is your Monday black or is your Thursday blue? What sex is your number 9? Is this making sense? Maybe you can answer these questions without hesitation?  I didn’t realise there was such a thing as synaesthesia for decades and I just assumed that other people saw numbers or days as colours and that their numbers also had personalities.  People have always been colours to me.  When I think back over 40 years to my primary school teachers, I can recall their colour more clearly than their actual image.  How do you see days of the weeks or months of the year if not in patterns?  Is your November nearer to you than your April?  Welcome to the world of the synesthete. We involuntarily link one sensory precept to another.


Do my tastes have colours?  In some people with synathaesia, tastes have a very strong colour or word association.  I am awe of James Wannerton who has even produced a tube map explaining what the various stations ‘taste’ like.  I understand this entirely, but  felt that this area of my synathaesia was not particularly vivid. Then, this week  I had an expertly mixed Cotswold Dry Gin in the excellent Mr Foggs Gin Parlour in Covent Garden.  Do go.


With just one sip of this G&T I felt the colour brown.  The brown of old suitcases, left in hallways by children at boarding schools in the 1940s.  Or the old brown of worn leather sofas in a country house hotel.  It was all there.  The colour was extraordinary.


The thing about ‘tasting’ colours is that I can’t really explain it to you. Another synesthete may see a totally different colour when tasting the same Cotswold Dry.   I would love to hear from you if tastes bring you colours, do pop a comment on my page.


Did I mention that champagne is green……..?










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