Drinking Bat Shit on a School Night


Stopped by at the Gin Tub in Church Road, Hove yesterday evening for a pre-dinner drink. The fold-back windows across the front of the bar were open so we took a table there and enjoyed the mild evening.

We picked up the telephone on the table, called the bar and placed our order. I tried the Filliers Tangerine gin with Fever Tree Tonic. It was light, with citrus flavours. Served on lots of ice with slices of orange it was a refreshing choice but I rather preferred the Bat Shit Mental Old Tom ordered by one of our party. He obviously chose it for the name and to be fair, with the massive gin menu here, selecting one simply by name is as good a method as any. I liked the colour and oakiness of this gin and would order it for myself next time.

The Gin Tub is a great place, full of atmosphere and the staff are friendly and helpful.

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